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  • Kitchen Remodeling

    Robs Jobs has been installing Beautiful
 Kitchens, Baths and Basements for too many years to count. Whether it 
is a "kitchen on a budget" that you are thinking about or a "full blown
work of art", we can do it all. Read More
  • Snowplowing

    Ol' Man Winter will be back! The Almanac, the meteorologists, and even the wooly bear caterpillars predict
another very rough and snowy winter. Read More
  • Corian Counter Tops

    Robs Jobs has another big secret that most folks don't know about,
that's right, we supply and install Corian, America's number one solid
surface counter top by Dupont. We also supply and install Granite, Silestone and Soapstone. Read More
  • Hardwood Flooring

  • Custom Building

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General Tips

Dating Your House:
Many people have some idea about how old their house is but would like to know exactly. There are several strategies to help answer this question. Local taxing authorities often include an age on property tax statements. You can also search back deed transfers at your local courthouse. There are clues around the house that may help you out. Many plumbing fixtures are dated when manufactured. Look under toilet tank lids or in the tanks. Look under sinks and tubs. Fixtures are often installed shortly after manufacture. Look for inspection stickers. Electrical and plumbing inspections are dated and often affixed to panels or fixtures. Don't forget to ask neighbors--one may have already gone through the process. 


Leaky Skylight:
Skylights have a bad reputation when it comes to leaks. To set the record straight, skylights seldom leak. Roofs leak due to the improper installation of a skylight. When installation instructions are followed, there should be no concern about leaks. Another case of misdiagnosed skylight leaks is the interior environment. High humidity levels in the house can cause considerable condensation on the interior of a skylight. The resulting drips resemble a skylight leak.