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Choose Your Ideal Contractor

Important steps to consider as you make your home improvement decisions.

A. If you get more than one estimate... inquire as to whether or not there is a charge for the estimate if you decide not to employ the contractor. CAUTION.... the lowest estimate may not reflect the quality of materials to your specification

B. Ask the prospective contractors to show you their Home Improvement License. The Maryland Home Improvement Commission requires that all contractors in the state of Maryland be licensed, bonded, and insured, as well as all of their consultants and estimators, if they provide these home improvement services: any repair, replacement, remodeling or modernization to your home, your business, or your property. Check the license number and the expiration date carefully. CAUTION... the Home Improvement Commission's Guaranty Fund does not handle complaints and claims against unlicensed contractors.

C. Contact the Home Improvement Commission. Call the Home Improvement Commission at 410-333-6309 to check the records of home improvement contractors. The Home Improvement Commission's staff can tell you: if the license is good, whether complaints have been filed against the contractor, and whether the complaints have been resolved.

D. Request references from the prospective contractor. Ask the contractor for the names and telephone numbers of people for whom he has recently completed improvements. Inquire from the references the quality of the work and the timeliness of the completion of the work. You can protect yourself against poor workmanship by visually checking the contractor's previous work.

E. Choose the contractor who is right for you.Carefully review the contractor's estimates. Choose the contractor who best fits your needs and who can provide the best work at the price you can afford.

F. Always get a written contract by a licensed estimator/consultant from a licensed, bonded, and insured company before you permit work on your home or your business to proceed. Make sure the contract specifies the date the work will begin. Detail exactly the type of improvements that are to be made, the quality of materials to be used, the estimated completion date, and the payment schedule.


REMEMBER CAREFULLY READ the contract before signing it. Examine the entire document, including the fine print and any warrantees or guarantees provided, before affixing your signature. Don't sign it until you understand it and approve it.

What You Should Expect From A Professional Contractor

The Contractor should be licensed, bonded, and insured. The contractor should have Workers Comp insurance as well as a General Liability policy of at least one million dollars.

The Sales Representative who provides you with the estimate must also, by law, be licensed separately from the company. These licenses are provided only by the State Government for the state in which the homeowner resides or owns the property for which the estimate is being provided. An out of state license is not valid in your state.

Questions to ask may include (1) Is the contractor presently licensed, bonded and insured? (2) How long has the contractor been in business? (3) Does the contractor have any complaints - if so, how many in the past two years?

You may, of course, choose the company with the least complaints, but best yet - use the company with no complaints!



Avoid unlicensed home improvement contractors.

Don't use a contractor to do work if you believe he lacks the proper skills to do the job. His bargain price may be more attractive than his finished product.

Don't use a contractor who you believe violates local building laws.

Don't pay a contractor in advance prior to reading and signing a contract. The Home Improvement Commission Law prohibits a contractor from demanding and receiving payment before a contract is signed. An estimate is NOT a contract.

Don't pay the entire cost of the home improvement job in advance.

The professional contractor should provide you with a verbal estimate for your review. After the estimate is approved, a written contract is then presented.

Remember: fast-talking estimators, unanswered questions to your satisfaction, and "special deals" that disappear if you don't act immediately are just that: too good to be true.

The Home Improvement Laws cannot protect you if you deal with unlicensed contractors.

Robs Jobs, LLC has no complaints on record with MHIC. Robs Jobs has a two million dollar general lilability insurance policy as well as workers comp. insurance. Robs Jobs is also licensed and bonded.