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Clean Debris From Your Faucet:
If dirt has collected in your faucet aerator, it's an easy matter to clean it out. Wrap masking tape several times around the aerator body to protect it from the pliers. Grip the aerator body with the pliers and unscrew it counterclockwise. Take apart the aerator and lay out the parts (washer, perforated disk, screen, and body) in order. If there are mineral deposits on the disk and screen, soak them in vinegar overnight. A straightened paper clip will remove anything clogging the disk or screen. Rinse all the parts and reassemble in the same order, again making sure the body is protected with masking tape.

Copper Tubing:
Copper tube terminology may seem mysterious, but with a little knowledge the next time you are at the home center or supply house you can make these material selections with confidence. Like many construction materials the size might not be the size: Nominal dimensions are different from actual dimensions. In reference to copper tube, 1/2" is its name. The outside diameter is actually 5/8". Copper tubing also comes in different types with letter designations. Type M, L, and K are found in residential construction. Each letter refers to the wall thickness of the tube. Type M is the lightest, followed by L and K. Type M is the least expensive and most commonly used. Plumbing codes allow Type M for most interior applications, but if in doubt check with the local authorities.

Septic Tanks:
Homes not connected to municipal sewers typically have their own septic system. The system consists of a tank and a leach field. Waste water from the house flows to the tank, where the solids settle to the bottom and the liquids (effluent) are directed to a leach field. The earth in the leach field gradually absorbs the effluent. Bacterial action takes place in the septic tank and reduces the amount of solids. An overtaxed system will result in a tank full of solids and a wet leach field (typically the back yard). With proper care a septic system will function with little attention from the homeowner. Don't pour grease down the drains. Don't flush excessive paper products, such as disposable diapers. Don't pour solvents or strong chemicals down the drain as they may interfere with the bacterial action. Expect to have the solids pumped out of the tank periodically, perhaps every two years.

Shut off Valves:
Plumbing stop valves or cut-offs can be found in various locations about the house. The most important one is the main water cut-off. Know where it's located. Major damage from a plumbing mishap can be avoided if you can get the water shut off quickly. Stop valves are commonly located near individual plumbing fixtures also. These valves can be utilized to shut off the water supply when repairing or replacing a faucet or fixture. The rest of the house is unaffected. To insure that these valves will work when needed, prime them once or twice a year by closing and opening them all the way.

Toilet Overflow:
At least once in life we all get to experience the toilet overflowing. We flush it and then stand there and watch it happen, believing all the time that the water really isn't going to go over the edge. Some quick action can prevent an overflow. When you sense it coming, quickly remove the tank lid and reach down and push the flush valve closed. It covers the tennis ball-sized opening in the bottom of the tank. Emergency over! Now all you have to do is unclog the toilet.

Toilet Seat Replacing:
A toilet seat is an easy task and legitimate excuse for hugging the commode. Typically there are plastic caps covering the bolts that fasten the hinge to the bowl. Pry these caps up with a screwdriver to expose the bolts. Some bolts are plastic and can be removed by turning the screws with a large screwdriver. Some bolts are metal, and a wrench or pliers will be required to turn or hold the nut under the bowl. If they are corroded, spraying WD-40 will help free things up. If it still won't budge, get out a hacksaw blade, wrap tape or a rag around one end to make a handle, and work the blade between the hinge and the top of the bowl. Hold the bottom of the bolt with pliers and saw the top off. Most bolts are brass and not too tough. Clean things up and install the new seat.

What's that smell?:
Plumbing fixtures - sinks, toilets, and floor drains - all discharge water and waste to a drainage or sewer system. Sink or toilet traps block sewer gas that might enter the house through the drain pipes. Look under the kitchen sink and observe the "P"- or "S"-shaped bends in the drain line. These bends hold water and effectively seal out sewer gas. When fixtures are infrequently used, the water in the trap evaporates and sewer gas enters the house. Besides being a nuisance, this gas can be explosive. The next time you experience a phantom odor, run some water into those seldom-used drains and see if that doesn't fix it.

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