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    Robs Jobs has been installing Beautiful
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    Ol' Man Winter will be back! The Almanac, the meteorologists, and even the wooly bear caterpillars predict
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    Robs Jobs has another big secret that most folks don't know about,
that's right, we supply and install Corian, America's number one solid
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Roofs Shingled/Repaired

Bituthene, traditionally used in northern climates to protect against ice dams on the roof, is becoming more available and is finding applications other than roofing. This building product is a bituminous membrane that adheres to most surfaces and provides protection against water penetration. Newer applications include flashing around windows, doors, and sills, and flashing in conjunction with skylights and subgrade waterproofing. This product excels in applications where nails must penetrate the flashing. Bituthene naturally "heals" around nail penetrations due to its tarlike consistency. Look for Bituthene in the roofing materials section of lumberyards and home centers. Always cover this material with an exterior finish as it will degrade when exposed to the sunlight.


Roof Leaks:
Roofs, our first line of defense against the elements, must be repaired or replaced if they spring leaks, but what about when they are actively leaking? With quick action, a lot of property damage can be avoided by keeping the leak under control. In the best scenario a leak is heard before seen. If you can locate the leak in the attic and get a bucket under it, you've won the battle. If it is running down a rafter and not dripping, nail a small block of wood or tack a string in its path. This should cause it to drip, so you can get your bucket under it. Leaks can be temporarily patched from the underside with roof cement or caulk. If you can't get to the leak but know water is accumulating above the ceiling, drill a small hole in the ceiling and have your bucket ready. Don't use an electric drill for this task! When the skies clear and the leak stops, don't put off a permanent fix.


Roof Mold:
Discoloration of roofing is a common problem, especially evident on lighter-colored shingles. Typically it is caused by mold or fungus. In damp climates and on north-facing roofs, the shingles may stay damp enough to support the growth of mold, fungus, or even moss. While to a certain extent it's an aesthetic issue, the roof would be better off without the mold. Sometimes trimming nearby trees and large bushes will reduce shade and improve air circulation, eliminating the problem. Roofing supply houses sell zinc-coated strips that fasten near the ridge. As they oxidize, they inhibit mold and fungus growth. Finally, the next time you reroof, look for a shingle that has mold-inhibiting properties.


Three tab asphalt or fiberglass shingles are by far the most common roofing material in use today. They come in different grades, with warranties ranging from 20 to 30 years. In the past ten years a newcomer has gained prominence in the roofing market. Still an asphalt shingle, this laminated version offers some advantages over the standard. Laminated layers give these shingles a pleasing dimensional look that can replicate wood or slate. In addition to new aesthetics, they offer longer life than the three tab. Warranties range from 30 years to lifetime with some manufacturers. There is more up-front expense, but in the long run they have a lot to offer.

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