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Seasonal Tips

As the seasons change, our thoughts turn to the structure that will afford us protection from the winter wind. Fall is the time to get our house in order. Don't consider raking leaves until the gutters have been cleaned. Winter is the worst time to have the gutters clogged up. As we change from cooling to heating, consider having your heat and air equipment serviced. At a minimum change the filters. If the chimneys haven't been inspected for a few years, now is the time. Take the time to walk around the outside of the house. Any repairs needed should be done now rather than later in a snowstorm. 


Incoming Critters: 
In many parts of the country the seasons are changing from summer to winter. As cooler temperatures make us think about a change of clothing, they make the critters think about a change of residence. Many head south, but just as many stay behind and start looking for a warmer spot -- like your attic, crawl space, or garage. Now is the time to have a good look around the outside of the house to check for points of entry. Loose soffits or trim allow birds and squirrels in. Unscreened or open vents in the roof or foundation should be checked. Another good idea is a chimney cap. Open chimneys are notorious for attracting raccoons. Check attics and crawl spaces from the inside with the lights off -- if light is coming in, critters can, too. 


Seasonal changes should serve as reminders that our homes respond differently to the weather variations. Soon, many heating systems will shut down for the season as air conditioning becomes necessary. Take the time now to see that your AC equipment is up for the cooling season. Start by checking the outside unit. Make sure that weeds, grass and shrubs are not blocking air circulation around the housing. Hose off the fins around the outside of the unit to promote good air passage. Inside the house, inspect the condensate line--when the unit is running there should be a discharge of water. If the cooling coil is accessible, inspect it and make sure the fins are not blocked. If cleaning is required, use a vacuum with a dust brush attachment. Finally, change the filter! Dirty or missing air filters are a leading cause of premature equipment failure and inefficient operation. 


Wintertime is ideal for making a thorough examination of the exterior of your house. Many trees and bushes have lost their leaves, allowing inspection of areas normally obscured. Check behind foundation plantings for cracks in the foundation, peeling paint, or deteriorating wood. The roof and upper levels of the house can be inspected from the ground with binoculars. Leaking or clogged gutters often give themselves away when icicles form in freezing weather. Make a list of needed repairs or maintenance items and wait for a midwinter thaw. It's a great time to catch up on some outside work. 


Well winter is here, and you know what that means. Snow! Tired of wasting your day away shoveling all that snow? Get all that snow off your driveway without breaking a sweat! Robs Jobs does snowplowing!